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Welcome to Inner Space Decor and Design, where we offer Peace...By Piece. 

We are your Designers, and Furniture, Decor, Finish Design Material, and Fine Art Design Concierge and Personal Shoppers. 

With the Unbeatable Pricing you see on our site and all the discounts we share with you on products from nearly ALL of your favorite stores (yet, to be added), you can start your project sooner. With our personable approach, design expertise, and resources, we can complete your project sooner than you thought possible, on time and typically under budget! 

Likewise, as Project Managers, we see your project decor, design, and construction project through, remotely, and can be on-site, once hired. 

Once you message us through our site or e-mail us at [email protected] with your phone number, one of our Designer Team Members will call you. 
Once we chat over the phone, we will also provide our direct line, which you can call any day from 8 am to 8 pm EST. 
You can chat with one of our exceptional Designers then, and take advantage of your 3 (15 min.) complimentary design phone consultations. 

Your TOTAL Remote Room Design is FREE with an Inner Space purchase of $800, or more. This can also include design related product that you don't see on our site, where we also get our Designer Discount, which are at most online and in-person stores. 

We save you time, and money on product, otherwise invested in Design, alone. 

In-person Design meetings within a 45 mile radius of Charleston, SC are $150 and last up to 2.5 hours. These meetings are scheduled as early as 8 am with 3 hours in between each meeting, giiving our undivided attention and ample time dedicated to each and everyone of our Residential and Commercial clients. 

Meeting time slot availabilities are 8 am, 11:00 am , 2:00 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm.

Digital Designs per room (without/that don't require built-ins) are $175 per room, and you get up to 3 digital layouts!. 

Pricing for Designs of rooms requiring built-ins, such as Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bars, Studies, and Offices are highly competitive, based on the National Average. You are provided a flat rate quote, given the scope and complexity of the furniture, decor, design and construction service or package. 

Discounted quotes on design product of interest, found on-line or off, are considered, prepared and given upon request.